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Hard Stamping & Impact

Hard Stamping & Impact

Among the various existing marking methods, that of the impact marking is one of the most complex, because it requires a constant and regular incision. For this reason, the quality of the impact marking machines plays a fundamental role: some of their technical characteristics are indispensable for obtaining satisfactory results. Whether it’s manual or pneumatic stroke machines, the most important aspect, in fact, is quality. Impact marking machines offered by Automator Marking Systems are the best on the market: a wide range of products, ideal for a deep, fast and safe beat marking.

Automator Marking Systems offers professional impact marking press only

If the goal is the marking of texts, logos and numbers even on pieces of different heights, the impact marking press by Automator Marking Systems are what is right for you. In addition to having an adjustable power depending on the material to be marked, some of them are also suitable for machining such as caulking, riveting and riveting. Furthermore, the availability of accessories such as linear and circular character holders, security boxes and numerators are the added value of the offer of Automator Marking Systems, and allows experts in the sector to test the efficiency of their own impact marking press.

How impact marking works

  • Impact marking is the most basic method of industrial marking. It is simple, economical, and fast.
  • With this technique, a single stroke is enough to engrave any information on surfaces made of metal, hard plastics, and other materials. This is achieved through the usage of punches, manual or automatic numerators, circular or linear type holders and stereotypes. 
  • The Automator impact machines give a firm blow using a hand lever or a pneumatic piston on the surface that needs to be marked. We have a wide range of impact marking machines to make any type of engraving with any level of power.
  • Each Automator impact marker is designed and manufactured by our own specialised technicians. Thanks to our presence in the industry since 1940, we can always guarantee precision, safety, reliability, and durability. 
  • To those who choose our services, we offer defined, durable, and legible markings. 
  • The MB series of impact machines can be used in a bench version or can be integrated into production lines as electropneumatic marking units. For the latter, we have our own pneumatic stamping hammer that we supply.
  • This type of marking is suitable for impact marking logos and alphanumeric characters in a clear manner, thanks to the anti-deformation device with which each of our machines is equipped.

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