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Special Types and Punches

Hard Stamping & Impact Marking Machines

Special Types and Punches

Impact, heat marking, and rolling industrial marking technologies rely almost exclusively on the use of special characters and punches

Available in a variety of fonts and sizes, Automator Marking Systems’ alphanumeric punches are designed to provide the highest accuracy and durability, as we have over 80 years of experience in creating these types of tools.

Marking punches manufactured by Automator Marking Systems are hardened steel blocks that are used for precise and defined marking.

They are durable products designed specifically for Automator Marking Systems to be integrated with other systems or for in-line use.

The special characters are designed primarily for use on blister machines.

Custom metal punches can be produced in different types depending on:

  • the size and shape of the punch itself;
  • the direction of marking (straight view or reverse view);
  • the type of engraving (30°, 60°, 90° or flat for heat marking).

Letters from the Latin, Polish, German, Czech and Cyrillic alphabets, numbers, special characters, and logos can be printed on each punch, with the font varying according to the customer’s specific requirements.

Customised punches can also be printed with special logos and symbols whose designs are based on the customer’s drawings and directions.

The special engraving punches for markers, manual guns, and markers produced by Automator Marking Systems have been successfully used for many decades by several companies in their intensive daily industrial production.Thanks to the shape, size and, above all, the depth of our characters, our engraving punches can create deep, clear, and permanent engravings on metal and other materials.

Marking on cardboard and black paper
Marking silver, gold, palladium, and precious stones
Laser marking and engraving on plastics
Marking of anodized aluminum

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