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Impact machine MB32

Hard Stamping & Impact Marking Machines

Impact machine MB32

MB32 is an impact machine realized by Automator International. Our company always gives attention to every detail, finding the perfect compromise between the efficiency and the impact machine design

These are the characteristics of the MB32 Impact machine:

  • Adjustable power from 0 to 6500 Kg and usable stroke 78 mm
  • Benchtop machine
  • Manual actuation of the marking impact mechanism by a lever
  • Maximum light 370 mm
  • Uniform marking depth even on pieces of different heights
  • Bankholder effect to prevent any deformation of the material

The MB32 impact machine is ideal for deep and fast markings of numbers, texts and logos. It is Suitable also for machinings, such as rivetting, inserting, caulking

Laser marking and engraving on plastics

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