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Automatic Numbering stamps heads – MB2

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Automatic Numbering stamps heads – MB2

The MB2 automatic numbering stamp from Automator Marking Systems is an automatic progressive numbering stamp with an increment for each strike.

It can be used to engrave wheels with special numbers, letters, signs and logos in standard, half-narrow and narrow fonts. 

The MB2 numbering stamp can also be used in conjunction with automatic (B2) and manual (B14) wheels.

The automatic numbering machines produced by Automator Marking Systems allow alphanumeric codes to be engraved on various types of materials in progression with each marking. 

The MB2 automatic numbering stamp can be installed:

  • On all manual or pneumatic marking machines, 
  • On all manual and pneumatic rolling machines.
  • On all Automator Marking Systems heat marking machines. 

For complete customisation of engraving progressive numbers, there are a wide range of fonts, characters, and numbers available to mark all surfaces. Thanks to this freedom of choice, we can achieve every result and employ every kind of application.

Please note that the thickness of the wheels determines the spacing of the digits in the marking, i.e. their distance at the time of engraving.

The number of wheels inside the automatic progressive numbering stamp varies according to the specific needs of each customer, allowing professional serial marking for any need and production size.

We can produce wheels with the sequence of digits 0-9, but we can also produce wheels with multiple repetitions of only a few digits (for example if you need a wheel with only 1 and 2, the sequence could be 1-1-1-1-2-2-2-2).

Characters from 1 to 12 mm in height can be printed on the wheels of the automatic numbering stamp, while symbols can vary depending on their complexity.

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