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Dot peen battery powered marker ADP2560-BA

Easily mark metals and hard plastics on all types of surfaces? Choose the battery-powered dot peen marker ADP2560-BA


  • Fast, powerful and accurate battery powered
  • Compact and lightweight unit for portable applications
  • Integrated controller
  • Marking area 25×60 mm
  • TTF, 2D code, arcs and logos
  • Infinite storable marking programs


Battery-powered dot peen marker ADP2560-BA, compact and lightweight unit capable of permanently marking various materials, such as metals, aluminum, iron, cast iron, plastic, etc. Two motor powered X and Y axes move of the pin and set the depth of marking in the area to be marked. In other words, the marking machine can achieve any type of desired marking result. Unlike other Automator dot peen models, the ADP2560-BA has absolutely no electrical or compressed air cables.

The machine is equipped with a pair of 18V batteries, which guarantee excellent working autonomy. Each battery is easily installed and removed and can be fully recharged in one hour and a half. The charger is included.

Speed depends on many factors, such as character height, depth, dot density, desired quality, etc. … . The system can mark up to 10 characters per second.

ADP2560-BA uses software with an intuitive and flexible interface, which allows graphic freedom of absolute value. This software gathers all the needs of more than 20 years of experience in the dot peen marking sector. Thanks to the touchscreen display, you can navigate easily and just as easily create the messages to mark and set the related parameters, also displaying the operation time. It is the only machine among the Automator dot markers to have the controller integrated in the machine. The software provides  for the creation of messages with the date in various formats, fixed or variable texts, codes, serial numbers, Datamatrix and logos. It is also possible to create programs on a PC, which can be easily transferred to the Controller with a USB stick or via the USB connection.

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