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Universal Controller AC 500

Dot Peen Marking Machines

Universal Controller AC 500

News Concept of universal controller capable to run natively all the different marking heads types avaliable: pneumatic (dot and vibro), electric and scribe.

New plastic case
– optimized thermal stability of the boards
– better protection against disturbances from external sources
– ensured reliability in high stress working conditions
– lighter, resistant and certificated (Sabic: available upon request)

New drive boardOne board to run all the different marking technologies: pneumatic (dot and vibro), electric and scribe

Auxiliary axis working modes are compatible backwards

News software
Latest software version 3.0.0 includes new features and improvements such as the new multiple repetition marking dots mode wich allows deeper markings (available in the AC500 store)

Compatible backwards with AC500 rev.2 and rev.1

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