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Dot Peen Marking Machines

Industrial dot peen marker ADP2560

  • Compact, lightweight and cost effective
  • Faster and more precise
  • Easy to intagrate, easy to use


The ADP2560 was designed to reach back into a dressed engine. The compact elongated shape and linear motion allow for a multitude of extended cartridge options. Shown here ready for intgreation, but can be sold as a hand held as well. Fast, cost effective and reliable

  • 25 x 60 mm marking area
  • For deep and fast markings or vibrate for high quality and fast markings
  • 6 different standard peen for dot mode
  • 2 different standard peen for vibro mode
  • 1 electric peen
  • Operates with either the AC500 or AC250 standard controllers.

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