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Portable laser marker COLIBRI’ 21 – 31 W

Laser Marking Machines

Portable laser marker COLIBRI’ 21 – 31 W

COLIBRI’  generates a high power laser beam from the source to the head via a flexible fiber cable. The innovative main block and the head are designed and optimized to work in a heavy duty work environment, where vibrations, disturbance and dust are very common. COLIBRI’ is an extremely comfortable modular system: the main box sets the source and the board with the electronic parts in two different separated areas. The galvanometers are sets, with the lenses in the head block. It’s the only portable laser marker in Safety Class 1!

  • The only portale laser in Safety Class 1!
  • Designed for marking larger pieces or components
  • Up to 32 external axis available
  • 8″ LCD touchscreen

COLIBRI’ allows an easy and flexible marking activity thanks to the lightweight marking head (less than 3 kgs). The laser fiber allow a considerable increase of the power, without compromising the size of the laser spot. This pledges a better marking result at higher powers and a better efficiency of the system.

Laser type NB:Yb 1064 nm

Power range: 21-31W

Safety class: 1


COLIBRI’ can mark everything thanks to a very versatile and easy-to-use marking software

  • Multilanguage menu
  • Management barcode “Datamatrix”, 2D code, QR code, PDF Queues
  • Easy import of vector drawings, DXF – Easy import of raster graphics, BMP, JPEG, .JPG, GIF
  • Complete set of laser parameters such as speed or power laser
  • Texts, Text arcs, text on curved lines
  • Lines, rectangles, polygons, circles and arcs
  • TTF Font ® (windows property)
  • Graphic preview – Texts with date, serial numbers, shift codes and year/month/day
  • Multi fillings or single profile markings – Templates (object to be marked as background)
  • Proportion scale, move, rotate, group creation of each object on the screen
  • Quick Test for an easy identification of the best laser parameters
  • Automation & object tiling – External axis commanded by software
  • Shutter control
  • Easy diagnosis and troubleshootings
Rubber and tire marking
Marking on cardboard and black paper
Marking silver, gold, palladium, and precious stones
Laser marking and engraving on plastics
Marking of anodized aluminum
Altri materiali
CertificationsISO 9001, ISO 45100

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