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UBI Basic marking system – Class 1

Laser Marking Machines

UBI Basic marking system – Class 1

Laser system for small and medium-sized productions equipped with a Micro aWave source that allows to create markings comparable to a 20W fiber laser on many materials. The external protective structure is extremely compact, ideal for being used on a work bench. The door opening and closing system is manual with a security locking system and the internal Z axis is electric. Large CE certified inspection windows on three sides offer a complete view of the internal marking area. It is a Class 1 security device.

Laser source

Ubi Basic sets a laser source with self-adjusting frequency. Belonging to the new a-WaveTM products family, exclusive Automator technology, the UBI Basic source was built by-passing the concept of “power”, being able to mark, depending on the materials and applications, with performance comparable to that of a 20W fiber. And this guarantees excellent results on plastics, metals, anodized, ceramic, polycarbonate, painted and much more

Laser Source Shutter

UBI Basic integrates a shutter housing: this electro-mechanical actuator provides a millisecond shutter operation. During marking, the shutter stays in an open position and then closes when the operation is completed providing a safe condition of lockout. The shutter movement can be controlled by the laser hardware/software or by the I/O signals. An integrated certified safety sensor detects the shutter blade position in the housing, providing a critical information that confirms the state of the shutter position

Lenses available

OPTIONAL Lens F100Flat field – marking area 60x60mm    2.36″2.36″
STANDARD Lens F160Flat field – marking area 110×110 mm      4,33″x4,33″
STANDARD Lens F254Flat field – marking area 180×180 mm     7″x7″


Vertical axis

UBI Basic sets an electric Z axis with a large base (200×200 mm 7,9×7,9 inches) for an easy setting of the piece to be marked, for a maximum weight of 5 Kg or 11 lbs.


EuGeniusTM Software

 EuGenius Software has been projected and developed by Automator highly specialized team, consolidating the marked requests in the long term marking knowhow of more than 80 years in marking. Versatile in the applications and friendly to use, even by operators without highly technical specific training, such as CAD knowledge. Discover EuGENIUS NOW

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