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IDEO – Laser marking system – Class 1

Laser Marking Machines

IDEO – Laser marking system – Class 1

Laser marking system with manual or automatic opening front door and large loading area, with standard X and Z software driven axis. Designed for medium productions, IDEO is a complete, stand-alone, flexible and easy-to-use marking system, that can perfectly fit both simple or complex production line applications. The workstation is fuly a Safety Class 1 device. The added benefit of wide viewing windows allows the operator to fully observe the laser marking activity. Added to this the system can be outfitted with the new Automator SWYMTM vision system for checking the marking activity directly via the PC screen. The standard X, Y and Z axis are software-driven and programmable, it can set up to control up to 32 external axis.

IDEO accepts all the Automator marking laser sources:

nanoVISII (belonging to the new family of Automator’s aWave products with frequency auto-control); VISII (innovative one-block laser with YVO4 source in OEM version) with 10, 20, 30 and 40W output power ranges; greenVISII (innovative one-block green laser) with 3, 5 and 10W output power ranges; FYBRAII (the new very powerful active fiber laser) available with 22, 33 and 54W power ranges.  The managing EuGENIUS software allows the operator to mark anything, even complex logos, serial numbers and data matrix. AURA, requires a PC, not included.

  • Flexible and easy to use Stand-alone
  • Up to 32 ausiliary external axis
  • Set with the new Automator SWYMTM vision system for checking the marking activity directly in the PC screen

Loading Area: 710×550 mm

Available source

  • nanoVISII (aWaveTM 
  • VISII (YAG) e greenVISII
  • (green laser)
  • FYBRAII (active fiber)
Dimension830x890x1350 mm
Weight180 Kg
Marking on wood
Marking on ceramics
Rubber and tire marking
Marking on cardboard and black paper
Leather marking and engraving
Marking silver, gold, palladium, and precious stones
Laser marking and engraving on plastics
Organic materials
Marking of anodized aluminum
Altri materiali
CertificationsISO 9001, ISO 45100

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