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Laser marker nanoVISII – Class 4

Laser Marking Machines

Laser marker greenVISII – Class 4

Class 4 Yag laser system, extremely light and solid unit “all-in-one”, which perfectly adapts to integrations in lines.

  • Up to 32 external axis available
  • Maximum safety grade with the special Automator mechanical shutter system
  • Preliminary diagnosys led system integrated
  • Extremely easy to install and to use
  • Safe, efficient and reliable

Available standard laser sources:

  • VO4 5W – 10W, to mark metals and alloys, plastics and anodized, painted surfaces
  • Air cooled
  • Standard marking area 110×110 mm (available other bigger marking areas)

A mechanical shutter operates together with the electronic one, for a dual security system!

Like all Automator second generation marking lasers (Gen II),  greenVISII provides a double shutter security system: a mechanical shutter, together with an electronic one, set with the Automator Safety Pack and a Safety Class 1 laser enclosure, allows the laser head to reach a  SIL3 – PLE safety grade, the maximum security level in the laser marking fields. With Automator Safety Pack, the operator can work in total security with no risks.

Safety first!
International laws require that the laser is equipped with a mechanical locking device (shutter) for shutting the laser beam in case when the access to the marking area by an operator is needed.

An electronic shutter is not enough! It’s the mechanical shutter that makes the difference. The mechanical double-contact safety shutter physically locks the laser beam when the system spotlights an event in which safety fails or in situations where, inside cabinets, free access to the marking area is required by an operator. Low-cost lasers do not guarantee this fundamental requirement and therefore do not meet the safety regulations.

Automator original EuGENIUSTM Laser Marking Software

EuGENIUSTM Laser Marking Software has been designed and developed by Automator highly specialized team, consolidating the marked requests in the long term marking knowhow of more than 70 years in marking.

Versatile in the applications and friendly to use, even by operators without highly technical specific training, such as CAD knowledge.


  • Multilanguage menu
  • Management barcode “Datamatrix”, 2D code, QR code, PDF Queues
  • Easy import of vector drawings, DXF – Easy import of raster graphics, BMP, JPEG, .JPG, GIF
  • Complete set of laser parameters such as speed or power laser
  • Texts, Text arcs, text on curved lines
  • Lines, rectangles, polygons, circles and arcs
  • TTF Font ® (windows property)
  • Graphic preview – Texts with date, serial numbers, shift codes and year/month/day
  • Multi fillings or single profile markings – Templates (object to be marked as background)
  • Proportion scale, move, rotate, group creation of each object on the screen
  • Quick Test for an easy identification of the best laser parameters
  • Automation & object tiling – External axis commanded by software
  • Shutter control
  • Easy diagnosis and troubleshootings
Dimension402 x 199 x 173 – 15,8 x 7,8 x 6,8
Weight11Kg – 56,21Lb
Marking on ceramics
Rubber and tire marking
Laser marking and engraving on plastics
Organic materials
Marking of anodized aluminum
CertificationsISO 9001

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