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Laser marker VIS-P – Class 1

Laser Marking Machines

Laser marker VIS-P – Class 1

Thanks to its compactness, Vis perfectly adapts to handheld version.

Available standard laser sources:

  • IVO4 to mark metals and alloys, plastics and anodized, painted surfaces
  • Available powers: 10W – 20W – 30W – 40W
  • Air cooled
  • Standard marking area 110×110 mm (available other marking areas)

Software Genius easy to learn, multilingual, many laser parameters to meet all marking requests:

  • Serial numbers, texts – arc text – with full TTF compatibility,
  • Basic geometrical figures , shift and data codes in different formats,
  • Barcodes and 2D/Datamatrix
  • Dxf – wmf – plt – emf and Raster import
  • Connection via Ethernet
  • PC connected or Stand Alone version

all in one” – robust, compact and versatile laser unit, with a perfect integration of

  • Galvanometric head
  • Laser source
  • Electronics
  • External power supply

Handheld structure with two handles and a front standoff, to grant equilibrium and stability
during marking

Telescope for an easy and perfect laser beam focus

Laser type: YVO4 @ 1064 nm – YVO4 532 nm nm green

Power: 10-20-30-40W – 3-5-10W

Security Class: 1

Dimension360 x 173 x 167 mm
Marking on ceramics
Laser marking and engraving on plastics

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