Replacement Filters for Competitor Cartridge Collectors

Replacement Filters for Competitor Cartridge Collectors

Improve Your Collector Performance with Donaldson Filters

Improve the performance of your current collector with Donaldson cartridge filters.

Donaldson is a leading manufacturer of cartridge filters in sizes and styles to fit most major brands of collectors. Our cartridge filters give you Donaldson performance in the dust collector you already use. This includes our benchmark Ultra-Web® media that is heralded for its surface-loading capabilities that extend the life of your filter and lower your total cost of ownership. Other Donaldson media such as Torit-Tex® and Thermo-Web™ deliver outstanding performance in harsh conditions involving chemicals and high temperatures. Donaldson’s knowledgeable representatives will quickly identify the right filter for your needs.

  • Wide range of sizes and styles to fit most major brands of cartridge collectors
  • Ultra-Web fine fiber technology captures even submicron dust on the surface
  • Thermo-Web synthetic media withstands high temperatures in chemical and industrial applications
  • Spunbond substrates are available for abrasive dusts, harsh chemicals and moisture

Donaldson cartridge filters are available for most applications in other brand dust collectors. Contact your Donaldson representative to find the right replacement filter for your system.