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Normal Speed Table Type – FSD Model

CNC Normal Speed Table Type Plate Drilling Machine - FSD Model

The Normal Speed Table Type machine uses hydraulic to drill. The spindle is hydraulic up/down with the max rpm=600, Hole diameter has 32mm~50mm 2 type, and max thickness=100mm, the machine is suitable for steel structure application.

Product Specification

ModelFSD 1020FSD 1635FSD 2040
Working Area1000 X 20001600 X 35002000 X 4000
Drilling Max Thickness100 mm(stackable)100 mm(stackable)100 mm(stackable)
Drilling Hole Diameter (mm)14-5014-5014-50
Variable RPM100-600 rpm100-600 rpm100-600 rpm
Motor Horsepower7.5 HP7.5 HP7.5 HP
Number of Spindles (sets)11or21or2
Spindle TaperMT4MT4MT4
X-AxisBall ScrewBall ScrewBall Screw
Y-Axis (rail)Ball Screen or Rack & PinionBall Screen or Rack & PinionBall Screen or Rack & Pinion
Z-Axis (vertical)HydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
Chip Conveyor111
Positioning Speed9000 mm/min9000 mm/min9000 mm/min
Positioning Accuracy±0.03 mm (ball screw or ±0.1 mm (rack and pinion)
CoolingOutside Cooling

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